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Visit us at 7544 Carlisle Way, Goleta CA 93117

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to put up the display?

A: We work on prop building and programming all year long, but it takes a couple of weeks to actually put up the display. We put it up in sections.

Q: How high is your electric bill?
A: Not too much more than a normal month. Our light show is 98% LED lights which use about 85% less energy.  It helps that with animation, not everything is turned on at the same time. 

Q: How do you control the lights?
A:  We use a program called Light-O-Rama. Everything is programmed on the computer and it runs automatically based on the schedule we set. 

Q: How many lights, cords, etc. do you use?
A: We have 17,390 lights, 4,000FT of extension cords(all made to custom lengths), 1000's of zip ties and lawn staples

Q: How many channels do you have?
A: 112 Channels this year. 

Q: What are channels?
A: Channels are what each element (prop/string of lights) are plugged into. This is how we can change the effects of each channel.

Q: How long does it take to program everything?
A: It can take a couple of hours to program each minute of a song. 

Q: How many lights are on the Mega Tree?

A: Total of 2,240 Red and Green LED lights. 1 ea 9ft LED rope lights for the  Star.

Q: Why do you have a Tune to sign?

A: We broadcast the music in our show on FM 97.9 for you to listen to inside your car. We also have a stereo that plays outside, most nights in case you want to get out and get a closer look.

Q: Why do you do this?
A: Ever since I have been a kid I have loved Christmas. I would decorate my room and doorway with Christmas lights. When I discovered Light O Rama, it changed my world. I also enjoy the smile it puts on peoples face and the positive feedback means a lot to us. With everything that goes on in your busy lives every day, this is a nice way to put that aside and enjoy the meaning of Christmas and life.